Safety Trust in The Ram 1500

2023 RAM 1500 Red Interior


When searching for a pickup truck, it’s easy to prioritize performance and capability. However, safety should never be overlooked, especially when considering a vehicle for both work and daily life. The Ram 1500, a formidable choice, strikes the perfect balance between power and safety. Dive into the advanced safety features in the RAM 1500 that make it a reliable companion on the road.

What are the Safety Features of the Ram 1500?

Ensuring your safety starts with the fundamentals, and the Ram 1500 excels in this regard. Here’s a glimpse of the core safety features that set it apart:

  • High-Strength Steel Frame: The Ram 1500’s safety core lies in its 98% high-strength steel frame. This robust foundation enhances crash protection and on-road stability, ensuring a secure environment for both drivers and passengers in Havana and beyond.
  • Strong Stopping Power: With 14.9-inch brake rotors, the largest in its segment, the Ram 1500 promises formidable stopping power. Whether navigating adverse conditions or executing sudden stops, trust the brakes to deliver a secure and controlled halt.
  • Electronic Stability Control and Roll Mitigation: Minimizing wheel lift, electronic stability control, coupled with roll mitigation, corrects oversteering and under-steering. These features work seamlessly, ensuring your truck stays stable and on the right path by automatically adjusting power and brakes as needed.
  • Six Airbags: Inside the cabin, the Ram 1500 features strategically placed airbags for comprehensive crash impact protection. These airbags, equipped with adaptive venting technology, dynamically respond to the crash’s severity and occupant size.

Active Safety Features in the Ram 1500

Going beyond the basics, the Ram 1500 stands out with its advanced active safety features. Crafted to proactively prevent potential accidents, these features not only heighten your road awareness but can also take corrective actions when necessary.

  • Forward Collision Warning: This system vigilantly monitors your speed, the vehicle in front, and the distance between them. When an impending collision is detected, timely warnings are issued, empowering you to take preventive measures.
  • Forward Automatic Emergency Braking: In collaboration with the forward collision warning, this system kicks into action by automatically engaging maximum deceleration and activating brakes, effectively preventing forward collisions.
  • Blind-Spot Awareness: Utilizing advanced sensors, the blind-spot monitoring system keeps you informed about vehicles in adjacent lanes during lane changes, significantly enhancing your overall awareness.
  • Rear Cross-Path Detection: Enhancing maneuverability in tight spaces, this system scans the area behind and beside your truck. It provides alerts for potential collisions beyond the view of the backup camera, ensuring comprehensive awareness.
  • Pedestrian Detection: Using forward sensors, the Ram 1500 actively scans for pedestrians and, if detected, engages automatic emergency braking—a critical feature for urban and pedestrian-heavy environments.
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist: Simplifying parking maneuvers, these systems assist with gear engagement, accelerator, and brakes while autonomously taking control of steering, ensuring precise and stress-free parking experiences.
  • Stop-and-Go Adaptive Cruise Control: This system goes beyond conventional cruise control by automatically maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. It adjusts throttle and braking as needed, seamlessly bringing the vehicle to a complete stop when required.
  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane-Keep Assist: These features work together to monitor your position within the lane. Warnings are issued if unintentional movement is detected, and the system gently steers the vehicle back on course, enhancing overall lane-keeping safety.
  • 360-degree Surround-View Camera: Providing a comprehensive bird’s eye view of your surroundings, this system ensures a safe driving and towing experience. Its functionality extends to your trailer, making hitching and parking seamless and stress-free.
  • Automatic High-Beam Headlights: Equipping your Ram 1500 with automatic high-beam headlights enhances safety in low-light conditions. The system automatically adjusts between high and low beams based on oncoming traffic, ensuring optimal visibility without causing discomfort to other drivers.

Put Your Safety Trust in the Ram 1500!

The Ram 1500 boasts an extensive array of safety features, showcasing the brand’s unwavering commitment to driver and passenger safety. If you’re in Quincy, Midway, or Thomasville and eager for a firsthand experience of this outstanding pickup truck, head to Coastal Jeep Ram Dodge Chrysler for a test drive. Our dedicated team, serving diverse communities, is prepared to answer your questions and assist you in finding the ideal Ram 1500 model tailored to your driving needs and lifestyle. Put your safety trust in the Ram 1500!

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